Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair With Top Quality Springs.

The most difficult job in garage door services involves repairing and replacing garage door springs due to the risk factors that accompany high tension parts.  If your garage door won’t close there is a good chance your garage door springs are damaged. In this case, you need immediate repairs to secure your property and keep family members safe. Our garage door spring repair team in Encino, CA has been specially trained to perform this delicate task. We have been proudly servicing homes and businesses in Encino for over a decade. Our technicians are number one when it comes to customer satisfaction because we...Garage Door Spring Repair

  • Have the highest level of training in the industry.
  • Offer the lowest prices in Encino, guaranteed.
  • Are on call 24/7 performing jobs around the clock.
  • Offer the best customer service experiences.

When your garage door springs break you need to call a company that has intense skills and the know how to safely make repairs. They will do this without damaging your property or causing injury. We have a perfect safety record. We are also keen to respond to your call so we can get the job done and ensure your safety!

Is Garage Door Spring Repair Dangerous?

If don't have experience in this type of work then garage door spring repair is very dangerous.garage door Torsion springs are dangerous and even professionals have accidents when working with these complex parts. In fact, the job is so risky that many garage door manufacturers only sell parts and tools to professional technicians to work on their brand. Our garage door spring repair and Gate Repair Encino team has performed thousands of spring replacements and repairs. Even though this is a viperous task, we do the job with cautious ease and have a perfect safety record. Let out guys perform garage door spring replacements in no time. Before we leave we will inspect the rest of your door to ensure it is in perfect working order.

How do Garage Door Springs Work?

Garage door springs support the weight of the door. As the extension spring unwinds when the door is in motion, it loses a portion of its torque and subsequently loses some of its power to lift.  If you have a vertical lift or high lift door the springs work a little differently. But, almost all residential garage doors are standard lift..Even a lot of commercial and industrial ones are too. When a garage door is in motion and a spring snaps the door can come crashing down or the high tension can send parts flying in all directions causing severe damage.

24-Hour Garage Door Spring Repair Service

When you have a broken garage door spring your garage is a danger zone that needs to be triage..sometimes disaster can strike at odd hours. Our garage door spring repair Encino experts are on call 24/7 ready to perform emergency repairs no matter what time it is. We offer a fast response time. There is no additional charge for jobs performed outside of normal business hours. Garage door springs are tricky to work with. Our customers rely on good quality service, low prices, and outstanding customer services..things our Garage Door Repair Encino team is proud to offer. Contact us today. Let our team take on the job with no risk!